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Hello friends! I hope today finds you all well.  We have been busy getting stock ready and inventoried.  However, we wanted to have a little chat with you.  We are Josh Shultz and Jolene Payne. We decided in November of 2018 to redesign our future and invest in a laser.  So far we have spent hours learning how to use the machine and designing all sorts of fun things.  The possibilities are endless so we first decided to focus on little things we knew we could handle.  As we gain experience our catalog will change. What we have listed on the website is not all we have to offer.  Our local customers have the benefit of seeing new products weekly at our booth at the Farmer's Market in Kalamazoo, MI.  

If you ever find yourself in town when the market is open come on down and check us out.  This Thursday, (6/20/2019) Is the first Night Market of the season so we hope you join us for food, drinks, fun, and shopping.

I will be contributing to this blog regularly so if you have questions or topics about this type of business you would like us to discuss, please feel free to contact us and we will take a moment to answer you or write about your topic of choice. This website is constantly evolving just as we are so come back soon and see what new things we are up to.

Thanks again and make it a great day!



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  • I talked to Josh at the farmers market about prices for having you and your laser do some piece work for me.
    I am working with leather and maybe metal engraving in the future. He said to e-mail him for your price list. I wouid supply the leather and design.


    David Simon

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